Ferguson outlasts her competition at pickle-eating contest

BILL BUSH PHOTO This girl forces herself to take another bite. Two-thirds of the contestants dropped out before the winner finished eating her three pounds of pickles.

by Bill Bush

SEDGWICK—What sounded like a good idea to a dozen contestants Saturday afternoon turned sour as two-thirds of them dropped out before a winner emerged. That’s because three pounds of pickles is a lot to eat as fast as you can.

Credit goes to the younger generation though. No adults were brave enough to step forward and compete with all-minor-aged contestants.

Grand Champion Pickle Eater Madison Ferguson and runner-up Braeden Luper.

In the end, Madison Ferguson swallowed her last pickle ahead of her three remaining competitors to win the championship. For her efforts, Ferguson received a Grand Champion certificate and an inflatable pickle. She kept the certificate and gave the inflatable to runner-up Braeden Luper.

Ferguson said she didn’t have a strategy going in. Toward the end, she was eating slow to keep the pickles down.

“I wanted to vomit the whole entire time,” Ferguson said. “It was a lot. Those pickles were just sitting in vinegar so they kind of burned my mouth.”

She said she used to like pickles a lot.

“Yeah, but now I’m not going to eat them anymore,” she said before pausing. “I might every once in a while.”

BILL BUSH PHOTO Contestants in the Pickle Eating Contest had to devour three pounds of pickles as fast as they could.

Several contestants said they were never eating pickles again as they walked away from the contest. Some of those same contestants were also seen leaving with their remaining pickles in a zip-lock bag.

BILL BUSH PHOTO A dozen pickle lovers braved the pickle-eating contest Saturday afternoon at Fall Festival.


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