Splish, splash: Local youth enjoy the local water park

Sergio Haas works on squirting others on Monday afternoon at the Splash Park in Newton. Wendy Nugent/HC Now

By Wendy Nugent, Harvey County Now

NEWTON—A number of youth frolicked in the spray of the water Monday afternoon at the Spray Park at Springlake Park with watchful parents nearby.

There was much giggling from little girls while moms and dads either played with the kids or directed them to do things—activities that happen on a hot summer afternoon.

The spray park is about the only park in Newton to bring kids to cool off with the H2O, as the local outdoor pool is being worked on.

It’s open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and there’s no admission. It’s located at 110 Springlake Drive in Newton.

The kids had fun on Monday, although one snuggled in her mom’s arms and was chilly to the touch, and two others took a break to warm up, as sometimes people do when water makes them cold.

One of the kids, 8-year-old Mackenzie Porter, had a great time and stated what she likes about the park.

“Because it has a lot of things to do,” she said, before running out onto the splash pad area.

Three-year-old Maci Porter, the one who snuggled with Mom, said she likes it because it’s a water park.

Another mom, Shai Hamilton, had another reason to bring her son, Houston, there.

“Just lettin’ the kids play,” she said.

Gina Haas had her son, Sergio Haas, 6, there.

“Just to enjoy the weather and to get him out and enjoy some water,” she said. “Cool him off in this heat.”

Near the splash park is a playground, bike path, ponds with fishing access and an open shelter. To reserve the shelter, call the Park Division at 316-284-6083.

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