Perfect for snow: Many slide down Centennial Park hill on New Year’s Day

Madison Herwig comes to a gradual halt while sliding down the sledding hill in Centennial Park on New Year's Day. Wendy Nugent/HC Now

By Wendy Nugent, HC Now

NEWTON—Snow came down in small, peaceful clumps, setting a scene many people would like to see on Christmas morning, but alas, this was on New Year’s Day.

Even so, it made some people happy, some glad to see the relaxing tufts fall to the ground, others who built snowmen and still others who took advantage of the snow on the ground to slide down hills, like the one so many utilize in the winter at Centennial Park.

Several families were out there on New Year’s Day, enjoying themselves, getting away from their pandemic shuttering.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a good snow and we thought it would be a good idea,” said Jesse Dake of Newton, who was there with at least one daughter, Danielle Dake and their dog, Seeley.

He said they take their dog to the dog park, so they knew where to go sledding.

Another sledder, Emma Herwig of Newton, said she went out that day because she loves to sled and it was snowing a lot.

Sarah DeLeon of Newton said she went out that day because of the snow, as well.

“We’ve been wanting to get out today,” she said. “First, we made a snowman.”

She said she told the kids to build a snowman taller than the one their neighbors made.

Marc Friesen was happy to be outside.

“We finally had enough to go sledding,” he said. “It’s been too many years. What a perfect day—New Year’s Day.”

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