Newton resident gives away items to help others

Chris Deniger of Newton holds a “free” sign in the Dollar General parking lot on Main Street on Friday night. Wendy Nugent/Newton Now

By Wendy Nugent, Newton Now

While many people are hoarding toilet paper, Newton resident Chris Deniger was giving it away last week.

He had a “free” booth set up in the Main Street Dollar General parking lot, handing out items people might not be able to find or afford at this time, like hand sanitizer, hand soap, Ensure and toilet paper.

“I just want God to get all the glory,” said Deniger, who attempted to remain anonymous. “I’m just wanting people to see Christ in this.”

Friday, he said, was the second day he did this.

“Whenever God tells me to go, you know I’ll be there,” Deniger said, adding he’s giving away essential items that’re missing from stores.

“I had laundry detergent here for a while,” he said, adding that some people who came by traded garbanzo beans for toilet paper.

There’s a few reasons he’s doing this.

“When you go to the grocery store, and people see all the empty shelves or see people taking the last of everything, basically hoarding and taking for themselves, I want people to realize you have to have faith over fear,” he said. “You just gotta trust God. He’s already won.”

He also believes God provides, as some people have attempted to give him money, which he usually doesn’t accept.

“God provides,” he said. “I say that as soon as I start to run out of toilet paper, people just show up and just give it to me.”

Deniger had given away a lot of items in his two days.

“There’s a lot of people in need,” he said. “I’ve probably given away close to 70 rolls of toilet paper.”

In addition, he used to have 70 bottles of hand sanitizer, but was down to two bottles on Friday night, just before he packed up to leave.

He also was down to one bottle of water.

“Someone donated like five cases of water,” he said.

He also had diapers to give away.

Deniger wants people to know God has this.

“Just put your faith in God,” he said. “Faith over fear—that’s my message,” he said, pointing to words he had on his sign.

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