Ghosts and ghoulies: Children attend rec center Halloween class

Haddyn Williams, left, makes a face at her spooky bouquet while Lilly Smith works on hers during The Ghostly Gala at the Newton Activity Center. Wendy Nugent/HC Now

By Wendy Nugent, Harvey County Now

NEWTON—Spooky bananas, witch fingers, scary cupcakes and Halloween-colored, candy-sprinkled Rice Krispies treats were some of the sugary delicacies youth used to make their frightening edible bouquets on Monday afternoon.

This activity was part of The Ghostly Gala, a class for school-aged kids from 6 to 12 years old, at the Newton Activity Center.

Other class activities included swimming and a pizza lunch. Before lunch, the students decorated all the supplies for a bouquet, Rec Center Program Director Audrey Gann said.

The center didn’t have this class last year, and Gann said it’s the largest program they’ve had since summer camp in the last year and a half.

Students sat at tables set in a square formation with their edible projects in front of them as they dined on pizza before digging into their work.

The students had a great time.

“What I like is that we get to go swimming, and we’re making delicious stuff that’s making my mouth water,” attendee Eban Pinkston said.

Another youth, Lilly Smith, also had a nice time. She said she liked that they had the chance to make “a whole bunch of cool stuff and get to meet people.”

Other students agreed with their smiles, while Haddyn Williams talked about it.

“I like that we got to be friends, make things, and we have fun,” Williams said.

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