Fun to see sports back: Rec league soccer up and running

Members of the Conrady Insurance and Sand Creek Station teams battle it out on Thursday night during indoor soccer at the Newton Activity Center. Wendy Nugent/HC Now

By Wendy Nugent, Harvey County Now

NEWTON—There’s usually differences in rec league and major league games. In the case of soccer, the difference was palpable on Thursday night at the Newton Activity Center’s indoor soccer game.

Teams had girls and boys with the girls seeming to outplay the boys, players begged volunteer coach Brandon Lies for positions they’d play on the field, and they also did “rock, paper, scissors” to determine who would get what position on the field.

There’s another difference besides all the players being shorter than the coach.

“Failure isn’t a big deal,” Lies said about the third and fourth grade team.

His team, Sand Creek Station, beat Conrade Insurance 5-1 that evening.

“I made a goal,” a team member said to coach Lies.

“You did,” he said. “Good job.”

Lies said throughout the season, kids find out they like different positions.

He also said his coaching experience includes coaching his son.

“I used to coach Sterling all the time,” he said. “Coached him in wrestling, baseball, soccer. All the sports he played as a little guy.”

Paisley, Lies’s daughter plays for several reasons.

“Because I love it,” she said. “Being forward and stuff and getting goals.”

It’s a different kind of experience for her having her dad as a coach.

“It’s weird having dad coach, because he’s not the soccer type,” she said.

“Mom is the soccer player,” Lies said of his wife, Brandi.

Lies is glad things are turning around in the sports world from the pandemic.

“I think overall and having sports back and be able to walk into a place that’s full of parents and grandparents is the best thing that I see right now,” he said. “Kids are excited to play in front of their family, not just one or two. It’s fun to see sports back and to see masks not forced.”



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