Care about the local economy? Wear a mask

The best way to get Kansans back to work and get the local economy up and rolling for all is to wear a mask. It’s really that simple.

The Harvey County Commission should vote in favor of upholding Governor Laura Kelly’s executive order asking that Kansans wear masks in public, not because they agree or not but because that is what is best for the Harvey County economy.

Here are the facts:

-The COVID-19 shutdowns crushed the local Kansas economy

-Now that the government has allowed business to return to normal, things largely haven’t up-ticked the way anyone would have hoped.

-The federal government has shown no signs of releasing another federal relief package aiding local businesses and workers.

-There are still large amounts of people unemployed

The list could go on and on and on if we had all the space in the world.

If all that needed to happen was for the government to open up the state to get the Kansas economy up and going again, then we would see more signs of recovery by now, but we aren’t.

That would lead us to believe that there is a significant amount of the population that still isn’t shopping locally because they don’t feel safe, primarily because they don’t see social distancing and/or mask wearing when out in public.

Even if you think these people are over reacting and should not worry so much, they don’t agree, and our local economy simply cannot recover without their dollars flowing in our community.

The only thing anyone needs to do is wear a mask when they are out in public. Wear a “Trump 2020” mask. Wear a mask that says “This is stupid and won’t keep COVID-19 away.” Wear one that says anything you want to make a statement about. Just wear it.

We know many of you still think this is a huge overreach and something the government shouldn’t be deciding. Even if we were to agree with you on that, let’s all agree that the topic of wearing a mask has become a very divisive one politically.

One camp thinks they are dumb and will boycott businesses that require them to be worn. Another group thinks it’s dumb not to make people wear masks and accuses business owners that they don’t care about the welfare of their customers. There was no winning for businesses, no matter what they chose to do prior to the order.

In this scenario, businesses can simply comply with the government’s decision to require customers to wear them. Don’t be angry or happy with us, just be angry or happy with the governor.

That is a huge burden off the minds of business owners, who, after this shutdown, don’t want to alienate any customers.

So, if you care about local businesses and want to see your local economy start to pick back up, we encourage you to support Harvey County Commissioners in enforcing the mask rule. You don’t have to think they work, you don’t have to agree with the government, and you don’t have to like Laura Kelly. We just want you to like and support the businesses in your community who desperately need those who aren’t shopping locally right now because they are afraid for their health. Businesses want to feed their families, and they want to bring workers back. Wearing a mask aids in that decision.