Bethel hosting 6-Man All-Star Game this weekend

Bethel Athletics is excited to host the inaugural Kansas 6-Man Football All-Star Classic on June 8 at 7 p.m., inside of Thresher Stadium.

“We’re really excited about the opportunity to host this all-star game here at Bethel,” shared Director of Athletics, Tony Hoops, “They’ve done a tremendous job of not only creating excitement for 6-man football in the State of Kansas but also bringing it to a different portion of the state.”

Most if not all the communities who sponsor 6-man football in Kansas are located in the western part of the state, with some even coming from the Mountain Time Zone.

“We felt like our kids were left out of other all-star games, so we got together as coaches and made our own,” shared Jeff Chambers, the director of the Kansas 6-Man Football All-Star Classic.

Chambers is also the head coach of the Pawnee Heights Tigers, one of seven schools who had players selected for the game.

“Coach Chambers has done a lot to get this thing started, and just the chance to give these kids one more game to play just like the 8-man and 11-man all-star settings,” offered Brett Clow, head coach at Weskan High School as well as a former All-KCAC quarterback at Bethel College.

Clow mentioned he thought it was “really cool” to be back at Bethel for this all-star game.

“I graduated almost ten years ago, and just to see the campus and how much has changed has been really fun.”

One of the key rule changes in 6-man football is each drive starting as a 1st and 15 scenario, as opposed to the ordinary 1st and 10 in most other forms of football. Chambers attributes this due to the 6-man play style being a more “wide-open game,” with a lot of offense on display.

Other significant changes in 6-man football include the center being eligible for a pass on every play, as well as the quarterback (or the back taking the snap) being required to hand off the ball or pitch it away instead of keeping it themselves and running past the line of scrimmage.

The All-Star game is perhaps headlined by Kade Scott, a senior from Pawnee Heights who broke a state record this past fall by scoring 14 touchdowns in a single game (Pawnee Heights defeated Cheylin 118-85).

Chambers hopes to see the classic grow for next year, hinting that it could turn into a duel between the best of Kansas against a state like Nebraska or Oklahoma.

“If we were to get another state to play, it’d allow for more reserves for our squad, and give us a lot more depth in the game.”

Hoops admitted that he’s never seen a 6-man game before, but encourages everyone to come to Thresher Stadium to check out the game Saturday night.

“So many people don’t even realize that 6-man football exists in the state of Kansas. This is a great way to bring light to the sport, and we’re excited to see the players in action on Saturday night.”

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