Where to find nice Christmas lights in Newton

By Adam Strunk

With no Parade of Lights this year, residents might be missing their Christmas light fix.

Staff reached out on social media, as well as spent a few hours lastweek driving around Newton, to come up with the approximate locations of nice light displays in town.

The map below displays the list. It’s far from comprehensive, way more lights have been put up since, but perhaps will provide a starting point for a festive holiday journey with the kids, spouse or grandkids.

We’d recommend following the numbers in order, for the most efficient route.

The little tour includes a number of stand-bys or well-known local displays.

At 3 Hickory Court, number two on the list, is the Meister Family Christmas display that includes thousands of lights set to flash and blink in sync with Christmas music, which you can play over your car speaker by tuning in to frequency 89.7 FM. It’s one of the highlights of the route. If you drive around the neighborhood it’s located in, you can also find a good amount of additional decorated houses, as well.

You might spend some extra time driving in the areas of numbers nine and 10. First and Third Streets have longer stretches of displays.

Near the end of the route, labeled number 11, is the Westfall Christmas display, which features a yard full of inflatables.

Of note, decorating trees in the yard seems to be an idea increasing in popularity. Along the route, you’ll see about five or six such displays.

We hope you find this list useful and enjoy safely driving around the community looking at Christmas lights.

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