Press Club

Press Club

Ready to join Harvey County Now’s Press Club? Join us for regular social gatherings, special events, and more! Press Club is a premium addition to your local newspaper subscription. In addition to joining Press Club, the options below will renew your existing subscription or start a new subscription. Have more questions? Read our FAQ here.


Press Club FAQs

What is Press Club?

Press Club is a social group, brought to you by your friendly, community newspaper, Harvey County Now. We are non-political, non-religious, and aren’t community service-focused. Instead, our mission is to bring the Newton community together through a variety of events and functions.

How do I join Press Club?

There are two steps. First, your household must subscribe to a one-year (or longer) subscription to Harvey County Now. Then, the first person in your household (21 and older, please) who would like to be a Press Club member will pay an annual $60 (plus tax) membership fee, and any other people in your household will pay an annual $30 (plus tax) membership fee.

We have multiple people in our household who would like to join Press Club. How does that work?

You should maintain a one-year (or longer) subscription for your entire household. Then, the first membership for people living at that address will be the full $60 (plus tax), and any subsequent people living at that address will be $30 (plus tax) For example, if you’re a two-person household, your total annual buy-in for Press Club will be $60 (plus tax) for a one-year subscription, $66 (plus tax) for person one and $30 (plus tax) for person two. That’s only $156 (plus tax) for a whole year. Easy peasy.

What benefits do I get from Press Club?

First of all, you have access to all Press Club events. These include monthly mingles at local businesses where you’ll get to meet other local people, enjoy some snacks and beverages and maybe win some door prizes. Other events include quarterly field trips, organized dinners, or other get-togethers, plus access to discounted events or other perks. Second, you will get our Press Club newsletter, which will keep you up to date on everything going on in Newton and the rest of the county. Third, you’ll be a part of supporting one of the largest locally-owned newsrooms in the State of Kansas.

Where does my membership money go?

Some of your membership dollars will go toward supporting Press Club activities, and the rest all goes towards supporting local, community journalism in Harvey County. You help maintain the jobs of local journalists and aid us in creating local coverage of issues, events, and people.

What if I already have a subscription to Harvey County Now?

First of all, let us say that you’re clearly one smart cookie. If you are already a subscriber, we’ll prorate your current subscription along with your Press Club membership so that you will get a renewal notice for both at the same time. It’s easier for you and for us. Contact Tommy here for more information.

Can my employer pay for this on my behalf?

Absolutely. Many employers view groups like Press Club as an important benefit and retention tool. Contact us for more information or have your employer reach out, and we’ll be happy to set up billing for them.

This FAQ is awful, and I still have questions. What should I do?

Contact us through our website here. We’ll do our best to answer any additional questions you might have.

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