From the Publisher

by Joey Young

Wow, has life been crazy the last quarter. As you have probably noticed, we launched another free Harvey County Now magazine (we know, because you are reading this?smart, right?), but also a brand new weekly newspaper with accompanying website called Newton Now.
Bringing on Wendy Nugent full-time and adding talented staffers like Clint Harden and Adam Strunk made our presence in Newton and Harvey County even better.
We are doing different stuff. In our effort to seek out others doing what we were doing, we found companies throughout the country doing similar things but not quite anything like what we were attempting to do.
While we couldn?t find any exact comparables, the exercise exposed our company to other people who are just as passionate as we are and enjoy this job just as much, too. Journalism is alive and well depending on where you look. The national media loves to preach doom and gloom, but they always have, if we really think about it.
The truth is, if you do all the right things for all the right reasons and you have the know-how and passion, you can accomplish amazing things. I think Newton Now is pretty neat. I think The Edge and Harvey County Now are too.
We are going to continue to innovate and do new things.
I hope you have had a chance to take in our first few editions of Newton Now, and I hope you continue to enjoy Harvey County Now every quarter.
We really enjoy bringing it and hope you share the same passion we have for it.

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