Derby MAYB Tournament Photos

Derby MAYB Tournament Photos

Newton Railers high school team takes third in pool play and seventh overall in MAYB tournament action June 26-28. Newton finished the weekend 3-3…….

Steven Cline. Photo by Kelley DeGraffenreid

In a league of his own

Among the students walking the halls of Halstead High School these days is a young man who, in just a few short years, has……

A Winning Culture

A Winning Culture

Granted, Hesston has a strong industrial base that fosters growth and tax revenue, which leads to first-class facilities and strong support in youth sports…….

Football like family

As Jack Kingsley takes the center snap as Newton?s full-time quarterback this year, he?ll be filling some familiar shoes ? his own. Last season……

Newton golf is going green

An upcoming tournament at Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton might be the largest competition the area has ever hosted and could have……