Exclusive event beer and more on tap

Blues Brews and Barbecue wouldn’t be what it is without beer.  This year we’ll have our friends at Walnut River and Salt City providing the craft beer. There will be a mix of lighter beers, sours, and reds as well as event-exclusive Off The Record Dunkel.

Off The Record Dunkel – get the newspaper and music pun?- is an incredible specimen of the style with dark roasted malt, bready flavor, and just a hint of chocolate that shows up at the end. It’s brewed by Walnut River, only served once a year at Blues Brews and Barbecue, and usually sells out fast. If you’re a craft beer person, it’s worth a try to just say you’ve tasted it.

As well as other excellent brews from local breweries, there will be domestic cans as well as wine. Hell, we might even buy a few cases of White Claw to keep everyone happy.


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