Where COVID-19 testing is available in Harvey County

Health Department Director Lynnette Redington told the Board of Harvey County Commissioners on Tuesday that more than 500 cases of COVID-19 turned up in the county last week.

With more people becoming exposed to COVID-19, the same question is getting posed more and more: “Where do I get a test in Harvey County?”

We called around to put together a resource of where you can get a test, what kind of test is offered, and what criteria must be met to be tested. We reached out to area testing sites to explain current policies. As should be noted, the infection situation in Harvey County is dynamic and what tests are available and other policies from these locations are subject to change.

Hesston Pharmacy, 101 S Main St., Hesston

Hesston Pharmacy is a testing site and one of 18 federally funded sites in Kansas. According to the pharmacy, it offers PCR tests (nose swabs) by appointment.

To apply, people can go to www.doineedacovid19test.com and fill out a form. Tests should be provided to first responders, health care workers and individuals with symptoms.

The website said that those without symptoms can receive testing according to local plans for public health monitoring. Qualification will be determined by going to the previously mentioned website.

Axtell Clinic, 700 Medical Center Drive, Newton

COVID-19 tests are offered by appointment at the Axtell Walk-in Clinic. According to the front desk, tests are not guaranteed but determined by the provider on duty, if you do not have a primary care physician within the clinic. Tests are provided to those who are symptomatic or exposed. Both PCR (nose swabs) and antigen tests are available, but the test that will be provided will be decided by the provider.

Health Ministries Main Clinic, 702 Medical Center Drive, Newton

For its walk-in clinic, those looking for a test need to call ahead and make an appointment. It can provide multiple different tests, but the tests provided are up to the provider on call.

Those getting tests have to be symptomatic or exposed. Payment for tests will be done on a sliding scale.

Newton Medical Center, 600 Medical Center Drive, Newton

NMC offers both PCR and antigen tests at its walk-in clinics in Newton, 118 E 12th Street, and in Ark City, as well as in its primary care clinics in Hesston (705 E Randal Street), Valley Center and Wichita.

It also has the tests at the hospital emergency room. However, these are only used in emergency conditions. 

The provider will determine the appropriate test based on examination. People are asked to call in advance.

Costs are dependent on test type and insurance coverage. Visits are subject to copays through insurance.

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