Trinity Heights requests the return of nativity scene piece

The Trinity Heights Methodist Church's nativity scene sits incomplete after someone took its depiction of baby Jesus this week. The church is asking for whomever took it to please return it.

By Adam Strunk

NEWTON—Someone stole baby Jesus from Trinity Heights Methodist Church’s nativity scene, and they’d like him back.

According to Gaylord Sanneman, chairman of the Newton church’s board of trustees, Trinity Heights sets up a nativity scene every year for Christmas, just like many other Newton churches.

The nativity scene is made of plywood and has depictions of Mary, Joseph, the Three Wisemen, shepherds, animals, an angel and of course, the baby Jesus.

Currently, all depictions in the nativity scene are paying homage to two pieces of rebar, meant to hold up the missing depiction of Jesus.

Sanneman said the integral piece of scene went missing on Dec. 21.

He said in the police report filed by the church the piece is likely worth around $50.

An advertisement placed by the church said they will provide a reward for its return and ask no questions.

“We have the real one,” the ad stated. “Just want the plywood one returned.”

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