State Covid-19 cases jump by 42

The State of Kansas confirmed cases jumped by 42 to 168 positive COVID-19 cases today.

There was no press conference with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment today, but the state did release its daily infection numbers.

Sedgwick County now has 16 confirmed infections. Johnson County now has 59 confirmed infections. Wyandotte has 34 infections.

All three counties continue to operate under shelter in place orders allowing people to leave their homes only for essential reasons.
Harvey County does not have a confirmed case. There are now 23 cases in bordering counties.

The rate at which state infections increase continues to speed up.

On Wednesday Kansas Health Commissioner Lee Norman said to expect nearly 400 confirmed cases by the end of the month and that we were going through what would be a rapid expansion of cases.
So far three Kansans have died from the virus.
For context the state had 34 confirmed cases a week ago.

The infection count in the U.S., through independent media sources topped 81,000. The U.S. saw an increase of 14,000 confirmed cases on Wednesday. At least 1,100 Americans have died from the virus.

On That President Donald Trump said he hoped to have businesses open by Easter.

Yesterday Norman said he found such a scenario unlikely.

Below are graphs of state cases using the KDHE testing numbers available.

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