State allowing curbside pickup of alcohol

By Adam Strunk

You were buying food curbside. Now you can buy beer.

As people are being encouraged to avoid large gatherings during the Covid-19 outbreak, many local restaurants are offering to-go and curbside pick up options.

A policy relaxation from the state Alcohol and Beverage Control Thursday, now allows curbside pickup of alcohol as well.

The move was to address concerns of many restaurants and liquor stores with sales dipping during the coronavirus shutdown taking place in the state.

The regulations also allow for payment and transportation of alcohol to occur on and off the licensed premise, meaning enterprising businesses and stores would be able to deliver alcohol.

Stores have to designate a special curbside pickup spot within 50 feet of the stores entrance.

The Newton Police Department was quick to weigh in on the change.
“Any alcoholic beverage must either be consumed on the restaurant’s property or properly sealed before leaving,” it stated.
“The change to curbside sales rules did not, we repeat, DID NOT, create any change to the criminal traffic laws, specifically transportation of open alcohol containers, public consumption of alcohol or D.U.I. It remains illegal to drive with open containers of alcohol in your vehicle or walk off the property with an open beverage. Further, a lid on your styrofoam or Yeti cup does not constitute a closed container. We hope this clears up any confusion.”

At least one Newton business has jumped in on the change. Acupulco is offering curbside drink pickup of drinks allowing people to order with alcohol with their takeout as well.

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