Severe abuse lands woman in ICU, suspect had previous arrest for aggravated battery

By Newton Now Staff

On the evening of Sept. 3 a relative dropped off a 57-year-old woman at Newton Medical Center. The hospital contacted police.

“This is one of the most severe injuries we’ve seen on a person,” Newton Police Lt.Scott Powell said.

Upon examination, she was found to have multiple fractures of her legs, broken knee caps, and head injuries. Powell said some injuries were new. Others were healed.

“This was over a period of time,” he said. “The injuries are about as bad as you can get and not die from it.”

The injuries caused the woman to have to be transferred to Wesley Hospital and placed into the intensive care unit. She remains hospitalized.

Powell said the woman didn’t say much about what happened, and he said they are unable to interview her while she is in the ICU.

He did say, however, police had enough information to apply for a search warrant for the house where they believe the injuries occurred, in the 700 Blk of E 11th Street.
Powell said police had responded to that address at least twice since 2015. Both incudents involved reported domestic abuse. Both involved the victim. And both involved the suspect in the recent case, Gilbert Thomas Gonzales, 52, of Newton. Booking records from 2015 show he was arrested for aggravated battery at the address.

In this recent case, he was arrested on a charge of attempted murder.

Since then, the county attorney filed formal charges of aggravated battery on Gonzales, who is being held in the Harvey County Jail on a $100,000 bond. Powell said it’s possible those charges may change, as police are continuing their investigation.

“We’re still talking to her, other witnesses, doing interviews, speaking with people that knew them,” he said.

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