Reverie expanding Newton coffee holdings

Reverie Coffee Roasters owner Andrew Gough stands in front of the 12 Brew drive thru coffee business Reverie recently purchased. The acquisition follows the purchase of Mojo's Coffee Bar in North Newton earlier this year. Photo by Brett Schauf.

By Adam Strunk

12 Brew has been sold to Reverie Coffee Roasters, the Wichita-based coffee roaster & retailer that purchased Mojo’s Coffee Bar in North Newton at the end of 2021.

“It made sense for him to expand his brand with a drive-thru coffee shop in Newton,” 12 Brew owner Murray Anderson said of Reverie owner Andrew Gough.

It’ll mean a change in logo and operator for the drive-thru coffee shop at 220 E 12th Street. The coffee will stay the same. 12 Brew has only served Reverie Coffee since Anderson opened it in 2016 after re-purposing the building, a former car wash.

“It’s come full circle now, with Reverie Roasters taking over the drive-thru,” Anderson said. Anderson will continue to own the building and lease it to Reverie.

On Reverie’s end,  Gough stated that the purchase allows the company to explore the drive-thru coffee model, a reason they approached Anderson to purchase it.

“The last two years of working in a pandemic has proven the value drive-thru coffee shops have in keeping people caffeinated,” he said. “We’re known for producing superb quality products to our guests across the counter, so it’s been our task to figure out how to deliver that same level of quality for people on the go.”

12 Brew’s name will change to Reverie Roasters Express, and Gough said the plan is to update and change the look of the building.

“At the end of the day, it’s a simple cinder block building, and it needs to stand out better,” Gough said. “We’re interested in creating some sort of unique visual experience one may not expect in a drive-thru. We want the experience to be more than just coffee.”

The hours the business keeps should be similar to existing hours, though the release stated that it would shut down a few days to transition and re-open shortly after March 1.

A concept design by Andrew Baker shows the possible new look of the 12 Brew building, which will become Reverie Roasters Express in March.
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