With less than 100 votes left to count, election night results likely to hold

By Adam Strunk

After a Friday afternoon tally of the last 132 mail- in and 77 hand count ballots, all Tuesday night election results stand and it appears increasingly likely City Commissioner Rod Kreie and BOE candidate Melissa Schreiber will win seats.

With the Friday count, incumbent Rod Kreie has a 57 vote lead over Candidate Antonio Sandate.
County Clerk Rick Piepho said there are 64 provisional ballots remaining in the city of Newton for the county board of commissioners to decide are valid and count next Thursday.

For the school board race, Candidate Melissa Schreiber has 67 votes more than candidate Andy Harder for the fourth and final Board of Education seat.

The North Newton council race unofficially appears to be set. Kurt Friesen leads incumbent Paul Harder by 64 votes for the second council seat.

In the safely elected category, Richard Stinnett and Clinton McBroom have mathematically won seats for the city commission, Edwards, Mallory Morton and Matt Treaster have won BOE seats.

Ron Ratzlaff has also won a seat for North Newton.
An official count and canvass will be conducted next Thursday and make results official.

The following Sunday people will be able to purchase beer and liquor and local liquor stores as Newton votes approved allowing Sunday sales by a landslide in the election.

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