White nationalist recruitment fliers found, removed in North Newton

Photo from North Newton City Office

By Newton Now Staff

A few North Newton residents may have woke up to a flier reading “White Lives Matter” on their cars or mail boxes.

They were likely recruiting tools according to the North Newton Police Department, and most have been removed.

“It’s related to a white nationalist group,” North Newton Dept. Police Chief Jim Bethards said.

The fliers state “White Lives Matter” and list links to various websites for “Very Real News” “Real History” and “Real Activism”.  Those links lead to websites and youtube channels promoting Neo-Naziism, white supremacy, white nationalism as well as various conspiracy theories.

Bethards said that the department reviewed the links in the fliers and the flier appeared to be a recruiting tool. Newton Now also reviewed the links and found the North Newton Police department’s assessment to be accurate.

Links contain information and videos that demean the Jewish people, promote the work of Adolph Hitler, deny the Holocaust, attack inter-racial marriage as leading to the “genocide” of the white race, and discuss a current “race war” that is ongoing in the United States.

Bethards said the officer on duty made the decision to remove the fliers they saw, on W 27th St., Regal Crescent St. and Bluestem St.

According to the U.S. Postal Service it is illegal to put fliers on mail boxes. Bethards said those distributing the fliers did not have a permit for solicitation in North Newton. Bethards said he’s heard of such fliers recently being distributed in the North East part of Kansas.

Similar fliers have been reported in parts of Butler County such as in Leon as well Reno County in the town of Haven. The Newton City Office and Newton Police Department said they didn’t have any reports of the fliers.
Bethards said police took the report and attempted to contact a phone number listed as the number of Travis Golie, on the flier.

Travis Golie is a leader in the Nationalist Movement, a white nationalist group centered in Georgia. A youtube channel promoted in the flier, also listing a phone number for Golie featured “The Fourteen Words” in its description. “The Fourteen Words” is a common white supremacist slogan about the necessity to protect the white race and the future for white children. The slogan was coined by white supremacist David Lane while serving a 190 year federal prison sentance. Lane participated in various crimes and was accomplice to murder during his time with The Order, a white supremacist terrorist organization.

Newton Now contacted the phone number on the flier, which had a Macon Georgia area code. A man answered the call as “White Lives Matter” and was asked about the flier.

The man said they were meant to raise awareness that “White lives matter” and said to look and get more information from the links.

He maintained that the action was a coordinated effort of various groups to spread awareness that “white lives matter” and promote that belief through whatever legal means available.
“Inside of us there’s basically a bunch of conservatives, ultra conservatives and nationalists,” he said when questioned about the makeup of the group.

When asked about participation in the group he recommended to look for the contact information posted in the various links. When asked what if that participation meant marching or protesting or distributing fliers, the man it depended what the caller was interested in doing.

The man on the phone declined to say that the group promotes white supremacy, only that it promotes the idea that “white lives matter”.

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