We’ll have results, but decisions unlikely

By Adam Strunk 

It may be until Friday before we know election results.

While the County has received 951 advanced mail in ballots at the close of polls, , 1,100 remain unaccounted for. Many of those in the Newton area, County Clerk Rick Piepho said.
Piepho will accept advanced mail ballots up till Friday as long as they have a post mark of 7 p.m. Tuesday on them.

Such a large question mark could very well make city and school board races difficult to call at the end of the evening, especially considering prior elections that have been decided by mere dozens of voters.

A similar scenario occurred in last year’s election, which saw a state representative race not settled until final canvasing, in part due to the amount of ballots in the mail.

At close of polls county wide approximately 4,260 turned out to vote in the election, a 26.6 percent turnout. That includes the 751 that voted early at the county court house.

The turnout represents a dip compared to the 2017 off-year election which had a turnout of 30.68 percent, in part driven by a school bond vote as well as Camp Hawk referendum.

The general election in 2015 had a turnout of 21 percent according to Piepho.

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