Thank you for the Christmas letters

Hello kids,

It’s Santa.

I just wanted to sneak away from the workshop for a minute to thank you all for the nice letters you sent me.

We’re working very hard to get you your presents. I’m currently writing this letter next to a 10-foot-high stack of Baby Yoda dolls.

I can’t wait to get into my sleigh, drop off your toys, and enjoy all your milk and cookies, as well as the Pepsi that Camdyn is leaving out. Also, thanks to those of you who remembered my reindeer. They will be well pleased with the carrots.

Thinking about your smiling faces on Christmas Day makes all of this worth it.

Just like in most places in your country, it hasn’t been an easy year at the North Pole.

I wish I could make a potion to make COVID-19 go away as Lily suggested, but even Santa has his limits.

Instead, we’re waiting on a vaccine and taking extra steps to stay safe here, just like you’ve done in school.

Sometimes that’s made us feel mad, nervous or scared. Mrs. Claus says it’s OK to feel that way. You just need to remember that those feelings pass, and whether it’s your parents, family, teachers or others, there are people in this world who value you and are doing their best to keep you safe. Up here, we’ve been wearing masks, we’ve had elves in quarantine, and we even have some meetings about toy making online. All of this has slowed us down a bit.

So if you don’t get everything you ask for this year, I apologize. We’re trying our very best, just like a lot of your families are trying their very best to deal with all of this.

Sometimes in life, even doing your best can’t make every problem go away.

What’s important is that we try.

That’s why I’d like to say how I’m so proud of all of you for the work you are doing helping your moms or dads or families out around the house, whether it’s feeding Charlie the cat, cleaning your room twice, or washing dishes sometimes.

Keep doing what you can to be good, generous and kind to others. We need you more than ever to remind us adults that there are so many bright futures for us to help create.

Merry Christmas to all, and as I’ve often been quoted, to all a good night.

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