Roads closed throughout county following heavy rains

From Harvey County

Multiple road closures are affecting travel throughout Harvey County.

Harvey County Communications has received multiple calls from drivers that have hydroplaned or slid off the roadway. No injuries have been reported.

Harvey County Sheriff Chad Gay said he urges drivers not to try to drive through roads with standing water. He also reminded drivers not to try to drive around barricades, and that not all roadways that have been impacted by flooding will have barricades.

“I want to remind folks to give themselves extra time, and think about finding alternate routes,” Gay said. “If you see water across the roadway, don’t try to drive through it. Simple as that. It isn’t safe.”

The National Weather Service reports more rain is expected Wednesday. Harvey County remains in a flood warning until 2:30 p.m.

“We anticipate more rain is on the way, and so we encourage citizens to maintain their situational awareness today and throughout the week,” said Harvey County Emergency Management Director Gary Denny. “Check local media, check social media, use your weather radio — use whatever resources you have available to you to receive up-to-date information.”

Harvey County West Park is closed due to flooding. At Harvey County East Park, boating is temporarily prohibited, and several areas of the lake are closed due to flooding.

“We’ll continue to reassess, but my priority is to keep visitors safe,” said Harvey County Parks Director Kass Miller. “It isn’t safe to swim in the water right now. There could be debris from flooding.”

Here’s a list of road closures as of 10 a.m. Wednesday:


Adams Street between McPherson Road and Sedgwick Avenue
South Emma Creek Road at Southwest 96 th Street
South River Park Road from U.S. Highway 50 to Southwest 36 th Street
Northwest 36 th Street west of West Road
The 9900 block of Northeast 96 th Street
Northwest 24 th Street between Meridian and West
South Mission Road north and south of U.S. Highway 50
Northwest 24 th Street west and east of Ridge Road
Northwest 24 th Street west of North Mission Road
Dutch Avenue at North Halstead Road to Essex Heights Road
North Ridge Road between Northwest 12 th and Northwest 36 th streets
North Hoover Road between Dutch Avenue and Northwest 96 th Street
The 1800-1900 block of North Hoover Road at the bridge
Harvey County West Park
NE 12 th Street between East Lake’s Bluestem Area
Bluestem Point at Harvey County East Park

High Water Signs
South Woodlawn Road at First Street (south of Woodlawn)
Southwest 48 th Street at South Kansas Road
Southwest 125 th Street at South Kansas Road
Northeast 12 th Street between North Grace Hill and East Lake roads
The 5800 block of Northwest 48 th Street
Southwest 48 th Street at South Hertzler Road

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