Restaurants in Sedgwick are still providing food for the community

by Bill Bush

SEDGWICK—The three local restaurants—Cy’s Hoof and Horn Supper Club, Kilroy’s Pizza & Café, and The Meeting House—have scaled back but continue to serve the community.

Per state regulations, all three have closed their dining areas. Kilroy’s offers takeout and all three have pickup service available.

Cy’s and Kilroy’s are serving their full menus, while The Meeting House has most of its regular menu available.

Kilroy’s and The Meeting House both said that business has tapered off, but Cy Lampe, owner of Cy’s Hoof and Horn, said he’s selling less than ten percent of what he normally does.

“Some days between the wages and the food sold, it actually cost me money to open the doors,” Lampe said. “We’re here for the people right now.”

Cy’s has taken the biggest hit because they rely heavily on out of town diners.

“There’s nights I walk through here and don’t know a soul,” Lampe said. “We’re in a town of 1,500 people so we can’t just draw from this town and try to make a living.”

With the recent change in laws, Cy’s can now sell liquor to go, but Lampe said he’s selling less than $10 a week for that.

Lampe has owned the restaurant for about 38 years, he guessed. He opened up the current location at 425 N. Commercial in August of 2001.

He’s trying to make the best of a bad situation by adding new items to the menu and changing the décor for when they are able to reopen.

“It’s nothing that anybody could control, but we’ll make it through it,” Lampe said. “We’re trying to keep some people here, but we’ll make it through it. I hope it doesn’t gradually come back. I hope it comes back with a bang.”

Cy’s is open from 11-8, six days a week. They are closed on Sundays. Orders can be made by calling 316-772-5329.

Like Cy’s Kilroy’s has also been in town a long time. Michael Pfeifer, current owner, said that Kilroy’s has been around since 1994. His dad owned it before he took over.

Kilroy’s hours have not changed. They are open from 11-2 and 4-9, daily except for Sundays. Call in orders are accepted at 316-772-0010. They are located at 106 E. 5th St.

“We’re just doing the best we can,” Pfeifer said.

The Meeting House is different than the other two restaurants because they are a non-profit and rely partially on donations.

Manager Heather Tucker said The Meeting House exists for the community and it has great customer support.

She said their mission has always been to “serve more than coffee.”

“We have been supporting our essential workers and community by delivering free pastries and drinks,” Tucker said. “We partnered with Joel Potter at Nameless Coffee Co. to provide free drinks for our local teachers and administration, who have worked so hard to develop continuous learning for our students.”

Last Sunday afternoon The Meeting House gave away 225 ham, potato, and green bean dinners and lots of toilet paper. They handed them in a grab and go fashion and people drove past the front of their store at 507 N. Commercial.

She said they are functioning on minimal staff/volunteers because several have stepped back until the COVID-19 threat passes, but their goal is to remain open, serving the community.

“We want to spread hope and love throughout our community during these uncertain times in the best way that we can,” Tucker said. “Please continue to remember to support your small businesses. They are the heart of your town!”

The Meeting House is open 8-6, Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays. Customer may place orders at 316-416-4003.