Harvey County confirms 16th case of COVID-19

For Harvey County Now

The Harvey County Health Department has confirmed its 16th case of coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Harvey County, according to a news release.

The confirmed case is a Harvey County woman in her 20s. Testing was completed by a private lab. The individual is in home isolation. The Health Department will regularly monitor the individual, as well as follow up on all contacts.

The woman, a Diversicare employee, is part of a cluster of 22 cases announced June 10 at the Diversicare of Haysville nursing facility. Additionally, part of her staff time is spent at the Diversicare of Sedgwick facility in Harvey County.

As a precaution, the Health Department today began swabbing all residents and employees of the Diversicare of Sedgwick facility to submit samples for COVID-19 testing. That includes about 75 combined residents and staff members.

“We do not know of any additional cases at the Diversicare facility in Sedgwick at this time, but we will test all residents and staff out of an abundance of caution,” said Harvey County Health Department Director Lynnette Redington. “If there were any potential COVID-19 transmission, we want to identify that immediately to care for and protect the health of the individuals.”

Harvey County remains in Phase Three of its Harvey County Health Reopening Plan through at least June 16. That phase includes restricting in-person visitation at long-term care facilities.

As of Wednesday, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment had confirmed 10,812 cases of COVID-19 in Kansas. That number does not include this new Harvey County case. Harvey County has had 16 total cases, including 12 confirmed and four probable cases.

This new case is the only known active case of a Harvey County resident.

The KDHE reported 123,535 completed tests in the state as of Wednesday. There have been 940 individuals tested in Harvey County.