Gun discovered underneath pulpit, not included in church purchase

By Adam Strunk

The Rev. Vern Bender’s Church the 1877 Meeting house sold for $34,100 on Saturday, April 28.

The building, at the intersection of 12th and Logan streets, was auctioned off to pay for the deceased reverend’s medical bills.

With the building went all of its contents, save one.

According to auctioneer Vern Koch, during an open house for the building, a possible bidder began looking around the old church.

As the man looked over the various contents and pieces of furniture of the church, he came to its pulpit.

Koch said the man reached up under the pulpit and found a revolver pistol.

“There was a nail up under there and it was hanging from it, wrapped in plastic,” Koch said.

Koch said he immediately took the gun and put it away. He said didn’t know who would end up buying the building and couldn’t sell the gun with it.

Koch said he didn’t know the make and model of the gun but that it was well taken care of. He said he’s currently deciding what he needs to do with it.

The house, next to the church, which also belonged to Bender was sold for $14,101.

Koch said the house was in a state of disrepair and the auction price was a good price for it.

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