Burrton seniors get fit in new exercise class

BURRTON—Hearts were pumping and muscles were stretching last week at a new weekly exercise class offered at the senior center in Burrton. The group started meeting this month at 10 a.m. for 30 minutes every Wednesday. It’s been a hit so far and left the participants wanting more.

“Last week, they told us it was going to be once a month and we talked them into every week,” participant Leila Dalke said.

The class is led by Jaime Garcia with Angels Care Home Health of Hutchinson.

“Exercise is something we all know we should do, but we don’t tend to do it,” she said.

Half a dozen women participated in last week’s class. To get warmed up, they bounced a large ball around the circle to each other.

“The ball bouncing really gets your juices flowing,” Virginia Becker said afterwards.

“It does more than you think it does,” Garcia added. “Everyone kind of looks at me funny the first time I bring the ball out.”

They then did some basic dynamic exercises while seated, like lifting their legs or rotating their arms in circles. Next Garcia gave them each an elastic band so they could do resistance training for muscle strength. The group wrapped up with stretching and deep breathing.

“The rest of it is just good for us,” Becker said. “I don’t know if I have a favorite. One that I think is really important is the deep breathing.”

Marjorie Gundy said the intensity level is about right for their age group.

“I can feel it,” she said. “You know that you did something.”

Over time, some of them would like to build up and increase the activity level.

“That’s our goal,” Gundy added.

The women noted it had been at least three years since the senior center had offered an exercise class. At one time, there was a Tai chi instructor coming from Wichita.

The group welcomes others to join them Wednesday mornings for the exercise class. Becker noted she knew of a couple other people who were interested in joining, adding they can always clear some tables out to make more space.

Marilyn Schrag, center, bounces a large ball across the circle as Linda Redinger and Marjorie Gundy look on.