Bentley City Council Candidates

BENTLEY—The Bentley City Council has three four-year term positions up for election in November. The positions are currently held by Toyia Bulla, Shannon Koehn, and Stan Ybarra. Three people—Toyia Bulla, Stan Ybarra, and Jeff Witherspoon—have registered to be on the ballot.

Harvey County Now reached out to all of the candidates with the same questionnaire. Below are the responses received.

Toyia Bulla

Occupation: Retired C.P.A.

Why are you running? 

I wish to continue serving my community in making decisions that will make Bentley a safe and fun place to live.

What qualifies you for this position? 

I have 40+ years of financial experience as a Certified Public Accountant, plus I have a passion for our community. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the past six years of serving on the City Council is also helpful.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I hope to continue to search for grants and other funding for needed infrastructure projects. I’m currently involved in getting funding for a new sewer lagoon that is needed as our population continues to grow, and I hope to also get funding for new restrooms and a storm shelter for Williams Park. The more funding we can acquire from outside sources, the less tax burden we place upon our citizens.

What do you see as the biggest need for Bentley?

Paying off our bond debt as well as reinforcing our infrastructure and making sure it will be up to the task of providing services for our citizens for years to come.

What opportunities do you think Bentley has in the next few years? 

I see more and more families wanting to relocate outside of Wichita to safer and more family-friendly environments. I think Bentley has a lot of opportunities to serve those families and welcome them into our community.

Do you have an idea for the city that hasn’t been discussed or gotten too little attention?

I’d like to see Bentley have more events that appeal to all ages to build a more close-knit and welcoming community. I would love to have more businesses relocate to Bentley to allow our citizens to have employment and get their needs met here instead of driving to Wichita or Hutchinson, or even Halstead or Sedgwick.


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