Pool will open this summer, says city engineer

Construction continues on the Newton City Pool. Rain and cold weather have slowed the process up.

By Adam Strunk

You should be able to take a swim in the new city pool before summer is out. For just how long depends on if it keeps raining.

Construction remains behind schedule on the new city pool, but on budget, according to City Engineer Suzanne Loomis.
“I guarantee you there will be some period of time where you can swim in the pool this summer,” she said of the $2.1 million pool under construction, which will include multiple slides and a lazy river.

She added, however, that it might not be for very long.

“I think it’s going to be done by the end of July, unless it keeps raining,” she said.
A cold winter and then weeks of regular rain has held back work, according to Loomis.

Another issue faces the city — lifeguards.
“Lifeguards want to work all summer, not just two weeks,” she said. “Lifeguards are a lot of times college kids who go back to school in August.”

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