Toy gun causes school lockdown

The Newton High School main parking lot entrance was blocked as the school locked down this morning. Wendy Nugent/Harvey County Now

By Adam Strunk, Harvey County Now

A student transferring gun-shaped toy from one vehicle to another prompted a school lockdown and police response at Newton High School.

Emergency dispatch received a report of a possible gun at the high school in the morning of Tuesday, April 12.

According to a release from the City of Newton, students reported seeing two other students carrying an orange-and-white object that resembled a gun out of the automotive area to a vehicle in the school parking lot.  The students were seen getting in a truck and then leaving the property.

Another student then reported seeing someone in the building at the time according to a USD 373 release.

“This was inaccurate information at the time, but the appropriate response was to deal with what is considered the greatest level of threat at the moment, which is why the ALICE protocols were enacted during the announcement,” the release stated. 

NHS went into lock down and Newton Police Responded to secure the area. 

No student is believed to have entered the building with a weapon or toy gun.

Following police located the student, who was from a different school and at Newton attending classes.

According to the City of Newton said police spoke to the student that prompted the incident and found the object to be a splat gun – a battery powered toy that shoots water beads.

“The student was moving it from one vehicle to another, never pointed it at anyone, and did not intend to threaten anyone or cause a panic,” the release stated. “The students who reported it did the right thing. Thankfully this was a false alarm and everyone is safe.”

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