Newton re-elects incumbents for City Commission

By Adam Strunk

Commissioners Leroy Koehn, Rod Kreie and Kathy Valentine will remain Newton City Commissioners. 

Voters chose the incumbents out of the six candidates running for the seats. 

Koehn was top vote-getter with 1,383 votes, Kreie in second with 1,224 and Valentine in third with 989 votes. 

With 67 more votes than Lance Gormley, and only 50 provisional ballots to be counted in all of Harvey County, the preliminary total should stand. 

Newton elections are a bit different than other places in how terms and mayorship are awarded. 

The two top vote-getters earn four-year terms and the third-place vote-getter earns a two-year term. 

Top vote-getter traditionally earns a spot in the future mayoral rotation, though it’s not a set-in-stone ordinance. 

Lance Gormley finished with 922 votes, Rebecca Barrett-Fox with 832 votes and Eric Thompson with 338 votes. 

5,715 votes total were cast for different candidates. 


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