Nelson to receive 39 years in prison for triple homicide

Newton Now Staff

Jereme Nelson has accepted a plea deal with the Harvey County attorney’s office pleading guilty to second degree intentional murder, second degree reckless murder, and voluntary manslaughter in the case of a triple homicide that occurred in north west Harvey County in fall of 2016.

The intentional murder plea was for the murder of Angela Graevs, 37, the reckless murder charge was for the murder of Richard Prouty, 52 and the voluntary Manslaughter involved the murder of Travis Street, 33.

He also pled guilty to aggravated burglary.

The agreed upon sentences to those charges are sent to run consecutively meaning that Nelson is sentenced to 39 years in prison and would be eligible for a 15 percent  reduction in prison time in exchange for good behavior.That means he would serve at least 34 years before he is eligible for parole or 71 years old.

“We’d been negotiating for some time,” County Attorney David Yoder said.

The crime occurred in October 2016 in the 8600 block of North Spring Lake Road.

Nelson was arrested in Mexico following a manhunt for him.

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