Man walking through county as part of statewide odyssey

Glen Koster and wife take a break at the Newton Walmart in 2018 during a rain shower. Koster walked across the nation during 2018-2019. He's now walking through Kansas counties to again raise awareness about the need for improvements in the foster care system.

By Harvey County Now Staff

Reno County man Glenn Koster is back to walking to raise awareness for foster care and adoption.

This week Koster walked 30miles down from McPherson to Newton.

“Our foster care system is in crisis for many different reasons,” he said. “Yet, the reality is that there is still a dramatic need but homes are in certain areas are desperately in short supply.”
Koster came through Newton in 2018 as part of a two-year Odessey in which he walked more than 4,300 miles to raise awareness.

This time around he’s set out to walk through every county in Kansas. He crossed off McPherson and Harvey Counties April 19.

He said the walk is about promoting improvements in the foster care system. He believes that first there should be more of an emphasis on mentoring services to keep children with their natural families.
If that’s not an option any environment they’re put in should be safe until they’re adopted. And foster kids should age out of the system, resources should be made available to ensure they have success in the adult world.

Koster holds the foster care system so important as he’s a product of it.

In a previous interview, Koster discussed how he was abandoned at age 6 and ended up in the Michigan Foster Care System. He was adopted but left that household after abuse. He ended up back in foster care and had a foster parent die.
He eventually ended up in the home of a couple that had raised 12 biological children and took on foster children. He was their 13th and final child. The couple had friends, who, after a short vacation to see if he fit in with the family, adopted Koster.
“I was elated.”

Koster said those people became his family. He took their last name.

Koster, who worked as a freelance journalist, got the idea of a cross country walk after interviewing a man walking from the Grand Canyon to the Creation Museum in Kentucky to raise awareness about the Museum’s opening.
“What got me on the idea of a cross country walk was a man walking from the Grand Canyon to the Creation Museum,” he said. “I was interviewing him for that and I thought, ‘if he can do this, I can walk for foster care.’”

Koster stated that it was his belief honest that no matter the circumstances, everyone can do something.

“Everyone can either become a mentor, a respite parent, a temporary foster parent, an adoptive parent, a financial donor, a champion of the children (or the cause), or simply a prayer warrior! Don’t let others be the only ones involved,” he said.
For more information about his walks or progress, he can be contacted at, via Facebook, messaging at, or via phone (620-960-4492).

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