Man held for aggravated battery, accused of injuring mother

Law enforcement booked a man into jail on pending aggravated battery charges after an altercation with his 61-year-old mother required her to be transported to Wichita for medical treatment.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance at Midtown Tower, 115 W 9th St in the afternoon of Jan. 1.

Newton Police Lt. Scott Powell said police arrived on the scene and found that a mother and a son, who police believe both live together, were involved in an altercation.

“She had to be transported to Wichita hospital because of her injuries,” he said adding that she was heavily bleeding. “He was booked into jail for aggravated battery against his mother.”

Police arrested Kleo Coyote, 38, on pending charges of aggravated battery as well as possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia.