Man discovers hidden photos at thrift store

John Haspels recently discovered the two portrait photographs on the left hidden inside a picture frame he purchased in Newton. They had been tucked behind the picture on the right.

By Jared Janzen

HALSTEAD—John Haspels got more than he bargained for when he purchased an old picture frame from Goodwill in Newton recently.

The Halstead man paid $2.99 for a simple black frame, with the picture inside being a quaint drawing of a bathroom scene. However, when he opened up the frame to replace the picture, he discovered two photographs inside.

The older of the two photos shows a young man in a soldier’s uniform. The words “To mom and family, with love” are faintly legible near the man’s cap, and by his shoulder is written a name that appears to be Pvt Alfonso Frazier.

The other more recent photo is a portrait of a woman. No writing appears on this picture, and neither photo have dates on them.

Haspels said he had been surprised by the discovery. The photos had been turned front to front, so even when he first opened the frame, he didn’t realize what what he had on his hands. He added that he planned to put a picture of Ethiopian artwork in the frame to give to a friend.

Meanwhile, he’d like to get the portraits back to their rightful owner. If you have information about the people in these photos or if you would like to claim them, contact Harvey County Now at 316-835-2235.

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