Junior reporters sound off on important people

This is the first entry of our Junior Reporter submissions to help give kids something to do and let them learn during the shutdown. If you have a child who would like to write an article, find our Junior Reporter writing prompt at the bottom of this article or on our website for the week, and enter your submission by Sunday evening to adam@harveycountynow.com. Last week’s prompt was “Someone you live with.” We chose to let these reporters’ work stand for itself without editing.

Mr Clean has white clothes and big muscles

By Olivia Hensiek, 7

I live with Mr. Clean. He loves to mop and vacuum, dust, sweep, and clean evrything. He is rily good at cleaning. Win he was a kid he spild wite milk on the flor and rold around in it and he got wite. Then he cleand it up and loved to clean. I love Mr. Clean because he cleans a lot. I love his one earring. I also like his wite clothes and big musls. I like his wite eyebrows.


Maverick loves his family, can run for hours

By Alexi Thompson, 12

Maverick is a dog who loves his family. I have lived with Maverick for three years and seen that

he might not be a human or he can’t even talk but he is an awesome dog and he loves to run

people even say he’s like lighting maybe even faster . We go to the dog park a lot and he loves

the fact that there is so much people to throw tennis ball forever and it never stops I have seen

the other dogs and they just love meeting new dogs but Maverick is different then any dog he

just loves to play with a lot of tennis balls one day he just loved playing with this german

shorthaired it was the first time I saw Maverick actually playing with a dog at the dog park he

usually just likes playing with tennis balls it was cool seeing him playing with the dog I was so

happy I started throwing the ball and they would go after it like a bullet of course Maverick was

the fastest but the german shorthaired wasn’t that far behind Maverick could run for hours and

never stop but we would have to stop at some points because he needs a break but it’s not easy

once he gets started it’s hard stopping him.

I love Maverick and he loves his family. He loves his family a little too much. He can be a little

overprotective like breaking a window because he thought the mailman was a robber and same

with a squirrel maybe the squirrel was a robber but we will never know.

But I picked Maverick because he is the craziest and the most loving dog ever.

His personality is unbelievable. He can catch a tennis ball in midair and his run is crazy fast but

the best part of his personality is that he loves my two younger brothers Jackson and Brooks.

Jackson is the second youngest and he has been with maverick since we got maverick just

when maverick was a puppy not even a year old.Mavericks and Jackson’s bond has been

incredibly breathtaking. Brooks is the youngest and maverick will protect Brooks with his life I

don’t know if its because of the fact that brooks always throws his food on the ground for him to

eat so I think he might think that if a guy takes brooks he takes his food so that’s why he is a

little overprotective but i feel like he just loves his family and will do anything for his family so

that’s why I chose a dog instead of a human.

Someone I live With

By Braylyn Hoopes, 13

On July 18th, 2011 I was given the best gift anyone could ever ask for. It wasn’t my birthday, It wasn’ t even a holiday, but I was blessed with the best sister in the world.

This normal summer day became someone’ s birthday. Not just anyone’s birthday, my sister, Daytona Hoopes’ birthday. Daytona is 8 years old and she has the kindest heart anyone could possibly have. She looks up to her family members and loves to play with her dog, cat, and hamster. In her free time she creates art. Not just any art, she creates new inventions. You never know what to expect when she calls your name followed by, “I made something for you!”

Sometimes it is just a picture, other times it is a huge sword to protect you from robbers. Daytona has an amazing imagination. Even though she is my younger sister I look up to her. She isn’ t afraid to say what she is thinking. When I asked her in my interview about some of the struggles she goes through she answered without a second thought, “reading.” If you are older and have been reading for a while you probably think this struggle is simple and that she will figure it out on her own. Some love to read and have been doing it for as long as they can remember, but as a second grader it can be really hard.

Being a second grader is hard. They are learning to read and write on top of all the rights from wrongs. During our interview I asked her why reading was so hard for her and she explained that reading just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes all the words just run together and other times they don’t come together to make a story. I asked her how she overcomes her struggle with reading and she said, “ I just keep trying. I keep practicing.”

Some of my favorite things about her are that she makes the whole room light up when she walks in. Daytona loves to play sports and she is very competitive. She has beautiful blond hair and is always smiling. Some of Daytona’s favorite people are our mom and dad and myself. She said she loves these people because they play with her and always make time for her. I know she looks up to me so I want to be a good role model. I focus on doing Christian like things because I know she watches everything thing I say and do. I love my little sister. She isn’t just my built in friend she is my little sister. Daytona loves making her own ideas come together and she has taught me so much. When I found out I was going to be a big sister I thought I was going to help her with her homework and grab toys off the top shelf that she couldn’t reach. As the older sister I was going to teach her everything I know and learn, but it turns out she has taught me more than any school book can. One of the things she said in the interview stuck with me. She said, “stay strong.” Those two words mean more than you think they do. Stay strong, keep going even when you can’t see the end of the road, attack the fog holding you back.

This is a hard thing to do and having an amazing little sister by your side holding your hand makes it a lot easier. Daytona is 5 years younger than me and is only 8 years old and has already taught me so much. When I first got the topic of this article, I thought about writing it over my mom or dad and all they do for me and then I realized that my little sister sitting on the floor coloring was the perfect one to write about because she has so much to share with the world and she is only 8 years old. On July 18th, 2011 my life changed. I was blessed with my best friend.

Prompt for week two

Week Two assignment will be due on March 29 at 8 p.m. The topic for week two is all things nature. Feel free to share photos with your article. The bullet points are simply suggestions to get your creativity flowing. Don’t feel pressured to address each prompt in your response. 


  • Where is your favorite place in Harvey County to experience nature?
  • How do you feel when you are outside in nature?
  • If you were planning a nature scavenger hunt what would you look for?
  • Could you survive in the great outdoors, how and why?
  • Research and tell us about one piece of nature, a type of tree, a specific nature trail, etc.?
  • What things do you do to help protect nature and why is it important to you?

We are asking any youngster (K-12) to join us each week in a new writing assignment. We will provide a topic and a few “article suggestions,” but we really want each writer to use their creativity. We will post the assignment every Wednesday morning and ask that assignments be submitted by 8 p.m. on Sunday to adam@harveycountynow.com. Each week, we will pick one or two articles and pictures to run in the paper, but every week, we will share all submissions on our website. 

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