Junior Reporters make their wishes, next week’s prompt included

Below are the responses our Junior Reporters sent in about what three wishes they would make. The youth in the community has been answering our prompts as a way to keep writing and learning during their time home from school during the COVID-19 outbreak. We left them unedited to let our reporters’ work stand on its own.

This week’s prompt is “What’s something you’re doing to stay entertained or active?”

Reporters are encouraged to discuss the activities they’re undertaking on their own or with their families during this time of social distancing.

Questions to answer could include:

Why did you do the activity?

How did it make you feel afterward?

How does it help you or why is it important to do?

Please send in responses and pictures if you want to adam@harveycountynow.com by 8 p.m. Monday night. We’ll select some responses to be printed the next week, and all will go on our website at harveycountynow.com.

My three wishes


By Ryah Bristol, 10

If I had three wishes, they would be” to go to fly on a plane Detroit, Michigan to see my cousins, aunt and uncle because I haven’t seen them in what feels like forever because, I am still getting used to not being able to see them as much as I used to even though, I have seen them when I call and talk to them .

A second wish I have is to go back to school because I miss seeing all of my friends and teachers. I want to go back more than anything because It is my last year at my school before I go onto the next grade. But I still want to keep my friends, family and myself safe and healthy. One and final wish I have is I want .

My 3 wishes

By Daytona Hoopes, 8

I have always wanted to get 3 wishes. My 3 wishes would be to have 1,000,000,000 puppies. I would have a lifetime supply of popcorn. And my last wish would be to have magic powers to turn into any animal I want to any time I want. I would want these wishes because I love dogs and I love popcorn and I think it would be fun.

My 3 Wishes

By Aliyah McDonald

My first wish would be that everyone loves God. Well I want that wish because heaven is an amazing place.Also everyone should love Jesus. They are three in one, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. My Second wish is to stop the virus, so we can all have fun. My last and final is that my cousin FInnegan LaMotte stays healed from brain cancer forever. He is the sweetest cousin ever, and I love to play Roblox with him.

If I had three wishes

Addison Zerger, Age 10

If I had three wishes, I would wish for the Coronavirus to go away and never come back. I would wish for everybody in the world to have homes and food. Finally, I would wish for ten more wishes.

I would wish for the Coronavirus to go away because it is killing thousands of people and it is not fun getting sick. Also, it is really boring staying inside all the time. You don’t get to see your friends or your family. The worst thing is, people are risking their lives to save others. The doctors ask us one favor to make theirs and other people’s lives easier which is to stay home. Some people don’t even do that and other people can’t. That is why it is spreading. So, it might be easier to get rid of it if we just wish it away.

I would wish for homes and food for everybody because it is so sad to see so many people suffering and we don’t do anything about it. How would you feel if you didn’t have a home or food or water or even a family? That is why I would wish for everybody to have shelter and food.

Finally, I would wish for ten more wishes because if you think about it, you can always have anything you want as long as you keep asking for more wishes. But, if you aren’t going to do good with your extra wishes, don’t ask for them, because that is called being selfish.

Three wishes

By Joselyn Garcia

I would stop corona, go to school, get my own room

Make a wish

By, Braylyn Hoopes, 13

At some point in your life you have wished for something. We all have thought about  how great it would be to find a lamp with a genie inside. You would rub the lamp and a  huge blue genie would come out and give you a big speech. He would tell you that you were his master now and that he can grant you 3 wishes, just like in Aladdin. Then he would give you a list of rules. “Rule number 1, Can’t kill anyone, number 2, cannot make anyone fall in love with you, and number 3, cannot bring back anyone from the dead.”

This is a kid’s dream. To find a lamp with a magical genie inside. Just like the disney movie, “ Aladin”, the genie will do anything you ask as long as you don’t break the rules. My three wishes would be, number 1, heal my grandma’s cancer; number 2, I would ask to become a superhero; and my last wish would allow me to save any animal who needed help. These tree wishes may seem dumb to some people but I just want to be able to help people and animals.

I would wish for my grandma to be healed because she is amazing. My grandma wants to help every animal she finds on the side of the road and she cares about me and my family with every bone in her body. My grandma is amazing and I don’t know what I would be without her.

I want to become a superhero for two reasons. One, I think it would be really cool, and two, I just want to help people. Saving someone from a burning building and returning them to their family safe and sound. That would be amazing. Knowing that you saved someone. Although it would be really stressful being a superhero, just being able to help someone, would always be rewarding.

My last wish was hard to decide on. I think I would want to be able to save any animal in need. This wish would be a good one because animals give people a lot more than you initially think. They provide food, a safe companion to talk to, and a friend who will listen to you when no one else will. If I had the power to save anyone’s friend I would do it everyday for as long as I live, because everyone needs a friend.

Maybe we can’t find a lamp with a magical genie in it, but we can make many wishes come true on our own. It might take time to grant yourself a wish. With hard work and friends and family by your side anything is possible. You may not be a master of a huge, all powerful, genie, but you can be a master of your own path. God gave you everything you need to follow your path, he even provides a lamp to light your way. Psalms 119:105 states, “Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.” So, yeah, there may not be a blue genie granting three wishes to whoever rubs his lamp, but there is a God who gives you everything you could ever need and doesn’t limit you to three rules you have to follow. So, strive hard to make your wishes come true. Follow the path God has lit for you. What will you wish for?

Being Brave at a Young Age

By: Cora Regier

Once when I was five me and my friend were both taking private swimming lessons. After I was done swimming and it was Lillie’s turn I went to sit down. I was shivering all over and then my mother came and wrapped me up in a towel, arms and all so when I sat down and tried to itch my toe I fell down so that then I smacked my face. After that, I had to go to the hospital to make sure I didn’t have a concussion. Luckily, I did not so next I had to go into a room with my mom and get this weird ointment smeared on my face. In the next two days I would have to get a checkup and x-ray again but it was for the best and that is how I was brave at a young age.

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