In lieu of charges, prosecutor suggests restorative justice in Rhodes case

By Adam Strunk 

A county press release Feb.4 stated Harvey County Attorney Jason Lane will seek a reformative justice program in lieu of filing charges against Hesston High School Principal Ty Rhodes.

As previously reported, Rhodes, of Hesston, is alleged to have thrown a baseball bat into the windshield of a moving vehicle occupied by six high school students. Reporting in October on information provided by the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office stated that Rhodes, standing on the sidewalk, witnessed a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed, and then said he tried to flag the vehicle down, but it didn’t stop. Following, Rhodes threw the bat at the vehicle, and the vehicle continued driving.

This is an unfortunate situation where all parties involved made poor choices that put the safety of each other and the community at risk,” said Harvey County Attorney Jason Lane in Tuesday’s county release. 

The release said that restorative justice programs use trained professionals as facilitators and “the parties become central to the criminal justice process by meeting together to seek accountability for actions, reparation for loss and full participation of all impacted.”

The release said that participation in the program was optional for the seven participants.

“The attorney’s office will reconsider filing charges stemming from the incident for any individual that declines participation in the restorative justice process,” it read.

Harvey County Now has begun to reach out for additional information following the release. Look for additional reporting on this story in the days to come. 


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