Hesston Road project behind schedule, but important phase nearing completion

By Adam Strunk

Work on the stretch of Old 81 (Hesston Road) between Hesston and Newton should be done in 2-3 weeks, but the end time for the entire project continues to move back.

Harvey County Director of Communications Kyle McCaskey provided an update on $4.1 million infrastructure project that Pearson Construction has been working on since March.

“The project is behind our original projected schedule,” he stated. “As it stands right now, the completion of the project may lead into December. We remain hopeful that that timeline can be beaten, but we want to be forthright with what the expectation should be.”
McCaskey said delays have been caused by weather events such as rain, shortages of materials needed to work on the project and the contractor having other projects its working on.

“While that could certainly be frustrating for locals to at times see a lack of progress here, the contractor is technically meeting the contract requirements and does remain within its allotted schedule of working days for this project,” he stated. “We definitely appreciate the patience our local drivers have shown throughout this project.”

After phase two of the project is complete, crews will begin work on Old 81 from the Hesston border to McPherson County, finally finishing by working on the section of the road inside of Hesston.

The original completion date for the project was estimated to take place in August before being moved back as time passed.

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