Hesston District will monitor spread during break

By Blake Spurney

Superintendent Ben Proctor said he would continue to monitor information during spring
break about the spread of the COVID-19 virus as it relates to potentially closing schools.
“Well, I don’t know right now,” he said. “It’s probably a good question for this time next
Proctor said a lot of staff already had altered their school plans by canceling skiing trips
and visits to see family out of state. He said any decision to close school would be based
on recommendations from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the
Harvey County Health Department.
“Any kind of school closure is a big decision, especially over an extended period time,”
he said. “We’ll do that if we have to based on the safety of our people.”
Proctor said the school district had no good way to conduct remote classrooms via the
internet. He said teachers could communicate assignments back and forth, but that still
wouldn’t count as learning time per state requirements.
In the event classes are canceled, Proctor said his goal would be to mobilize community
resources to make sure families that need food get it. Closing school would disrupt the
lives of parents who would have to take off from work, and some students rely on school
lunches for a large part of their nutrition.
“We have buses and kitchens — things we may have to do to support the community if
there’s a long shutdown,” he said.

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