Health Department recommends wearing face masks in schools, indoor settings

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The Harvey County Health Department is recommending face masks be worn in all indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.

The recommendation is made in consultation with Dr. Doyle Detweiler, public health officer for Harvey County.

This a recommendation, not a requirement, but we need to emphasize the urgency of sound public health precautions,” said Harvey County Health Department Director Lynnette Redington. “Our duty is to promote public health tools and education. Wearing a face mask around others and getting a COVID-19 vaccination are two significantly effective measures against COVID-19.”

The recommendation includes encouraging staff and students to wear a face mask inside educational facilities.

The Health Department’s recommendation follows in line with guidance presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this week. CDC data cites Harvey County as having substantial community transmission of COVID-19 as of July 26.

Harvey County recorded 40 new COVID-19 cases from July 12 to July 26. Conversely, there were only two known active cases in the county as of July 6. The majority of new cases are among unvaccinated individuals.

The COVID-19 vaccines are free and readily available through health providers across Harvey County, including here at the Health Department” Redington said. “Vaccines save lives, reduce severe illness and diminish the spread of COVID-19.”

Harvey County data on COVID-19 can be found at Individuals can find local health providers with the vaccine of their choosing at

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