Halstead to get recycling option in October

Curbside recycling will be returning to Halstead in just over a month.

By Jared Janzen

HALSTEAD—Curbside recycling will be returning to Halstead in just over a month.

After the city council voted to discontinue mandatory recycling earlier this year due to rising costs, Nisly Brothers will resume offering the service on an individual basis for interested customers.

“We received feedback from residents asking why we discontinued the service and if there was any chance we would consider restarting the program at some point,” Yvonne Riehl with Nisly Brothers said.

Riehl added that, according to the Halstead city office, the current estimate is between 100 and 120 recycling customers.

Recycling pickup will be every other Monday, beginning in October. The cost will be $12.60 for one cart, and this will be billed directly from Nisly rather than through the city.

“Service is billed quarterly, and we ask that individual recycling customers have emailed billing,” Riehl said. “Autopay is also requested. At signup, payment for one quarter of service, $37.80, will be required.

For more information or to sign up for recycling, call Nisly Brothers at 620-662-6561.

Nisly Brothers approached the city in June about offering individual recycling plans to Halstead residents. Since then, City Manager Ethan Reimer said the city has been making sure its ordinances allow for subcontracting of a service.

“We were making sure there were proper provisions in place since it’s now a contracted service that’s not under the city’s umbrella, so to speak,” he said.

In theory, other waste management companies could also offer recycling services to Halstead residents, but at this point, none has reached out to the city.

“This does not replace the trash service currently billed out with monthly utility bills from the city,” Reimer said. “Also note that residents will need to contact Nisly directly if they’re interested in starting recycling services. They will be billed directly by Nisly for that service, not the city.”

The city plans to send out an informational sheet on recycling with next month’s utility bills.

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