Developer announces commercial expansion in North Newton

By Harvey County Now Staff

Alan Vogts, local developer, announced that one of his companies, Alamar Development, is working on a commercial development of 8.78 acres of land adjacent to K-15 and I-135 in North Newton.

The development, according to graphics included with a press release would be directly south of I-135 on the East side of K-15.

“Vogts believes that the North Newton exit has been a hidden gem and the demand for this area is growing daily,” the release stated.

The property also sits directly east of North Woods Plaza, 3179 N. Main, North Newton, a commercial office space Vogts owns and home of a number of business locations including Everence Financial. The release included information about how Vogts was using a firm and data tracking to help understand and plan for development in the area and what businesses would fit at the locations.

“Vogts has engaged Brant Dumford of the SNC Group to utilizing cutting edge Artificial

Intelligence (A.I.) to assist with feasibility studies,” the release stated. “The tool analyzes everything from foot traffic from cell phones, collecting anonymous geolocation and the proximity data from devices that share information. The technology allows for tracking things like how many people pass by a particular building each day and where they go when they leave that location.”

The press release also touted the strong potential for the North Newton location.

“Traffic from Goessel, Hesston, much of Newton, and other towns, seem to converge on and off

the North Newton exit,” the release stated. “Kidron Bethel Village, a wonderful retirement community, and Bethel College are both just a stone’s throw away. North Newton recently invested in bike and

walking trails and the community is a wonderful place to live.”

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