Curious find leads to search for Herman Bachman

Ted Anderson found this token while metal detecting on his property west of Halstead. It says, “If found, return to Herman Bachman to receive a reward.” The problem is, Bachman died in 1955.

By Jared Janzen

HALSTEAD—Ted Anderson has a mystery on his hands.

Recently, Anderson was metal detecting on his property on South Golden Prairie Road west of Halstead when he found a small token with an inscription on it. It read, “If found, return to Herman Bachman, Halstead, Kan., and receive reward.”

Anderson said the item is made of copper and has an eyelet on one end, as though it had been attached to something. The opposite side is blank.

“It looks like it might have been part of a necklace or something,” he said. “Maybe a medallion of some kind. When I first dug it up, I thought it looked like a penny that you could put into a machine that makes them oblong.”

There’s just one problem: Herman Bachman has been dead for almost 70 years.

“I’ve never heard the name,” Anderson said. “I did a search online for him, and he’s buried in the Halstead Cemetery.”

According to his grave marker, Bachman lived from 1886 to 1955.

Anderson is now on a mission to find out if Bachman still has any family in the area that he can return the object to. He thinks it would have more sentimental value than monetary.

“I think it would be kind of neat if I could find a family member of his that I could give this to,” he said.

Anderson added, if he’s unsuccessful in finding one of Bachman’s family members, he’ll probably go place the object on the gravestone.

The Bachman token had been buried about four inches deep.

“It wasn’t too terribly deep, but who knows how long it’s been there,” Anderson said. “I thought it was kind of a cool find. I’ve never found anything with somebody’s name on it.”

Anderson only took up metal detecting a few months ago. Another cool item he’s found on his property was a hood ornament from a Ford Lincoln Greyhound from the 1920s or ’30s. He’s also found a lot of change, including a 1927 wheat penny.

If you have any information about Herman Bachman or his descendants, contact Harvey County Now at 316-835-2235 to be put in touch with Anderson.

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