COVID-19 cases decrease, youth still drivers

COVID-19 cases have now dropped below 100 according to County numbers.

By Adam Strunk

Active COVID-19 cases are trending downward.

For the third straight week, confirmed cases of the virus have decreased. The county is down to 108 active COVID-19 cases. That number is 18 fewer than last week and 41 fewer than what the month started with. It is still 93 cases higher than this time last year.

Despite the downward trend in cases, hospitalizations have increased to 15 county residents, with 14 being admitted to the hospital in the last week with the disease. Three deaths have been added, bringing the total death count from the disease to 78. Since the pandemic has begun, approximately one out of 442 Harvey County residents have died from the illness. Deaths often take weeks to be confirmed under current state data entry procedures.

Demographically youth cases continue to be the largest driver of the current outbreak. Of newly entered cases into the county health dashboard, Those aged 10 to 19 accounted for 20 percent of the week’s total cases. Those aged 0 to 9 accounted for 18 percent of the new cases, or 38 percent in total. Eighty-two percent of those with new cases were unvaccinated.

New vaccinations have again slowed. Approximately 117 more residents received a vaccine this week; 57.6 percent of those eligible are now fully vaccinated, and 48.7 percent of all residents are fully vaccinated. Those numbers rank fifth and sixth in the State of Kansas, respectively.

Statewide, 45.8 percent of all Kansans are vaccinated. Nationally, 54.7 percent of all Americans are fully vaccinated.

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