City petitioned to file anti-discrimination ordinance

By Adam Strunk

Newton resident Christina Murphy asked the Newton City Commission to consider passing an ordinance that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Christina Murphy, who is transgendered, said she has never been discriminated against but knows others who have been.

“It’s more about discrimination, whether it be housing or jobs or going into a restaurant,” she said. “Equality is about individuals and being proud; the individuals having pride of being who they are; whether they be cis gender transgender, male, female, LGBT, it makes no difference. Everyone is a human being, and they all deserve to be treated equally.

“I urge the commission to adopt an equality act for the City of Newton,” she said.

She also asked to have a pride month or pride fest for the City of Newton. She pointed to the city of Hutchinson holding its pride fest experiencing success.

She noted that the act would also help the students in the school district who identify as LGBT and keep them safe in public.

“I appreciate you bringing this forward and am sure we will have more discussion on this in the future,” Mayor Leroy Koehn said. “Give us some time to consider this. Since it’s not on the agenda, we can’t do anything on it tonight.”

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