Bentley Birthday Bash: a huge success with room for growth

BENTLEY—The recently concluded Bentley Birthday Bash has left the local community buzzing with excitement after a resounding success that exceeded all expectations. The grand celebration, held in honor of Bentley’s 135th birthday, not only drew an impressive crowd but also showcased the event’s profound potential for future growth.

Families, friends and visitors from neighboring towns flocked to the event, eager to join in the festive spirit and show their love for Bentley. The organizers left no stone unturned in curating a diverse range of attractions, ensuring there was something for everyone.

Local businesses enthusiastically contributed to the event, either through sponsorships, donations or active involvement in various activities. This collective effort resulted in a true celebration of Bentley’s past, present and future, igniting a sense of unity among attendees. Craft stalls showcasing handcrafted items, art exhibitions and pop-up shops created a lively marketplace within the event, supporting the local economy and fostering a sense of pride in local talent.

The positive feedback from attendees was overwhelming, with many expressing their enjoyment and gratitude for the event’s organization. Parents were particularly pleased with the range of child-friendly activities, creating a memorable experience for the younger members of the community.

While the Bentley Birthday Bash undoubtedly triumphed as a successful event, many believe this is just the beginning. With the foundations of an exceptional community celebration in place, there is a clear call for future growth and expansion. The event has the potential to become an annual tradition, attracting even more visitors from far and wide, effectively putting Bentley on the map as a must-visit destination.

The organizers, in response to the overwhelming support, have already started planning for next year’s celebration to ensure an even more spectacular experience. They aim to seek feedback from the community to incorporate fresh ideas and introduce new attractions while maintaining the heart and essence of Bentley’s unique character. The next meeting will be Sunday, Nov. 12, at 2 p.m., Bentley City Hall.

The Bentley Birthday Bash has firmly established itself as an event worth celebrating and nurturing for years to come. With the overwhelming success of this year’s festivities, Bentley’s future as a key destination for community celebrations and pride is undeniably bright.

Bentley would like to thank its sponsors again:

Title Sponsor: City of Bentley
Blue Sponsor: The Halstead Bank, Oneal Farms, ICI Company, Midwest Custom Solutions, Signs & Designs, Castle Estates HOA, PostNet, Midway Motors (Newton)
White Sponsor: Jacob Farms & Cattle, The Haas Family, Prairieland Partners, Bentley Landbank, Sedgwick Vet Clinic, Stan Ybarra, Pleasant Valley Church, Logic Data Systems, D&C Trailer Repair & Customs LLC, Rohloff Trucking Company, The Witherspoon Family, Lubber’s of Cheney.
Silver Sponsor: Patti Savage, Realtor
Parade Sponsor: Pribbenow Variety Store, 360 Document Solutions
Street Dance Sponsor: Farmer’s Coop, Wildcat Agri-Services
In-Kind Sponsors: Bill Drake, Colwich Community Library

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