Armed robbery suspect arrested after car chase

Picture of siren

By Jared Janzen 

BURRTON—A suspect is in custody after an armed robbery at the Dollar General in Burrton this afternoon that led to a police chase on Highway 50.

Burrton Police Chief Dave Becker identified the suspect as a young man in his 20s from Arkansas. Becker said the man went up to the counter to purchase pop, beef jerky and M&Ms just before 1 p.m. on Thursday.

“When the drawer opened up, he pulled out a gun and said, ‘Give me all your money,’” Becker said.

The suspect escaped in a Chevy Monte Carlo with $215 in cash, leaving the snacks behind, according to Becker. A vendor who was in the store helped the clerk get a description and tag number of the car and notify police.

Becker said two sheriff’s deputies had been in the area at the time and pursued the suspect east on Highway 50, while he himself went to Dollar General to make sure the clerk was OK. He added that everyone was fine and no shots had been fired.

The suspect was apprehended near Newton on Highway 50 when the Newton Police Department deployed stop strips.

Becker said this is the first time in at least 10 years that Burrton has had an armed robbery.

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