Accounts conflict in reported stabbing

A Newton Police Officer stands in the doorway of a home as they investigated a stabbing report Monday night. Photo by Wendy Nugent.

By Newton Now staff

Police responded to the report of a stabbing shortly before 10 p.m. Monday night, but because of conflicting reports and a lack of a weapon no arrests were immediately made.

Newton Police Detective-Sergeant Craig Douglas said police investigated the incident that happened in the 300 Block of Old Main.
“Some folks went over to talk about some money that was owed,” he said explaining the start of the incident.

He said that talk turned into a disagreement and then two men grappling outside. After the dust cleared one man had a minor wound that he later refused medical treatment for.
“There were conflicting stories whether it was a stab room or whether the victim injured himself in the scuffle,” Douglass said.
He said that after interviewing those involved police believe the wound might have happened with the man running into a nearby object such as an open car door during the grappling.

He said no weapon was found at the scene. He also added that the report and investigation into the incident was not completed and more information could come in leading to possible charges.

On a brighter note, Douglass said that, so far, during the days of increased social distancing police had not seen a surge in calls of domestic violence, something they were worried about. With people spending larger amounts of time at home nationally there has been a concern that cases of violence could spike during stay-at-home orders and social distancing.

He said that at least people are able to get outside and exercise during this time period as opposed to the colder months in winter.

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